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Why It Works

Stop and think…Which companies advertise on billboards?  Large companies with huge advertising budgets.  Why do they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on billboard advertising?  Because they really work!  They reach thousands of consumers and they can not be turned off.  Why don’t more companies utilize billboard advertising?  COST!  Traditional billboards can cost thousands of dollars monthly,

Our Mobile Billboards and Scooters allow you to get your message across to the people and get right in their faces and target areas and markets other forms of advertising cannot, affectively you reach who you want to reach.

Research proves that Outdoor Advertising increases your brand or products memorably by 40% so when people see our billboards and scooters they cant help but look and therefore retain that image more clearly.

Compared to TV, Radio or Print where you pay heavily for one add or a 15 - 30 second spot, when lets face it half or more of the people your company needs to reach may not be reading that paper or watching that channel at that precise moment, with us you are on the road in the public forum in an area you want targeted where you know your prospective consumers are.

“Americans and Australians are spending more time away from home in their cars. U.S. Census data indicate commute times are up in every U.S. market by nearly 14%. With over two hours of daily time spent in-car, the media plan impact of out-of-home and radio advertising can be significant”  2003 Arbitron Inc./Edison Media Research

“Many advertisers have pointed out that traditional forms of advertising have become less effective in reaching their consumers, especially the lucrative 25-35 year old demographic. They are out and about… It has really segregated the market and forced advertisers to look at creative solutions.” Caroline E. Mayer, The Washington Post

Our Billboards will work for you because:
  • Our scooters and billboards are High Impact and Eye Catching
  • This form of advertising allows you to be creative and have a design for every season or target audience
  • Maximize exposure by being in high traffic or pedestrian areas
  • Target specific sporting events, Race days, festivals, shows and other public events
  • Have our riders wear a costume to stand out further and add the WOW factor
  • We will park in high pedestrian areas and hand our your promotional material free of charge
  • Breakthrough the advertising barrier with giveaways and promotions
  • Are cost effective compared to others forms of advertising media
  • Allow our riders to distribute coupons or samples of your product directly to the public
  • An environmentally friendly option with low carbon emissions compared to cars and buses

    Most people today are working more and driving more…they have less time to read newspapers, watch television, clip coupons, and sort through direct mailings.  How do companies reach these busy people?  Take your message to where they live and work through mobile advertising.

    you see me billboards advertising scooters mobile queensland sunshine coast


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